Light Headed?

In response to an RFFM letter, this from a very prominent publisher:

The publisher denied that his newspaper was overlooking relevant political stories and ended his letter with the following:

"I’m happy to assure you that the road we are on is such a high one that sometimes the air seems too thin."

Note: A hint of arrogance here? 


The Relevance of Recycling

"Newt Gingrich’s new book (a nonpolitical novel), out just 6 months ago, has not sold well. It is now being sold in the discount stores. If the deep discounts don’t move the books from the shelves, they will be send the books to a recycling plant. There, the books will be pounded into pulp and made into toilet paper."

Note: This was not an attempt at humor.  Was this reporter unabashedly serious or is an advocate for recycling. Not a professional attempt at journalism.


During a broadcast concerning the intervention of Jesse Jackson into the Decatur, Illinois school board decision to expel students, a reporter posed this question to a supporter of the school board:

"If those suspended were white, would they still have been suspended?"

Did the reporter expect an answer or was the question meant to appease liberal viewership?  The reporter did not ask if Jesse Jackson would have cared if the students had been white.

Apology Accepted

A popular news anchor on a Chicago news broadcast, while speaking of Newt Gingrich said "Heeee's baaaack" as she rolled her eyes in disapproval.

Note: RFFM took action with the News Director. Immediate action was taken and corrections were made. Reporter contacted RFFM and stated he/she had not realized he/she was acting in this manner.  An apology was made for the unprofessional behavior but the damage had already been done.


A Serious Journalist

A reporter stated that President Clinton instructed his staff to investigate all possibilities for executive orders that may enacted in the area of gun control. "The President is disappointed that the Republican Congress will not pass the gun legislation that he wants." The reporter neglected to state that many Democrats stood with Republicans in the area of gun control. Nor was it reported that polls indicate Americans want our present laws enforced before making new laws.

RFFM responded to the report with a fax. The CEO and Chairman of the organization responded. A directive was given to the News Director to correct the matter. A quote from the letter – "We do not take our responsibility lightly, nor do we dismiss criticism."

Note: This is the kind of positive response we receive very often and appreciate.

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