At RFFM, we choose to do  our work behind the scenes.  We do not document our actions on these pages at this time.

RFFM has found that working with media in a cooperative manner without airing our differences publicly has been more productive.

If deemed necessary, we may change this strategy in the future.

America deserves fair, accurate and balanced journalism.



Republicans for Fair Media (RFFM) is a non-profit all volunteer organization designed to address the liberal bias that permeates many of American media. Many organizations have done excellent work in this area. However, RFFM’s goal is to identify specific instances of unfair or inaccurate journalism and implement strategies designed to encourage a fair and accurate representation of the conservative viewpoint. This program is to be utilized primarily at a local level, but with an eye towards developing similar efforts in other geographic areas also.


To increase public awareness of liberal bias that sometimes exists in American mass media.

To encourage participation in efforts to reduce media bias through phone calls, letter writing, faxing and email.

This can be done with existing organizations or through the formation of locally based groups.

To alert community officials and political figures of the most egregious violators of fair, accurate and balanced journalism (with specifics).

To develop and accumulate facts and statistics concerning political and social issues. Disseminate such information that sometimes gets lost due to conflict-based journalism.

To alert sponsors and advertisers of extreme instances of unbalanced journalism.


RFFM works with CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS (and/or affiliates).  We deal with journalists on a daily basis, and when done professionally, almost always create a good working relationship the reporters and management.


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