History and Strategy of RFFM

Republicans for Fair Media was founded in 1995 by Daniel and Julia Zanoza of Crestwood, Illinois.  The Zanoza's created the organization in response to a liberal media bias, in the local and national press, electronic and print.

For years, some conservatives have charged the mainstream media with political and social bias against their ideologies and the causes these individuals and organizations represent.

Sometimes journalists express their affinity to the left in subtle ways.  In many situations, this partiality is up front and very devious.

At times using micro management techniques, RFFM's primary goal is to encourage journalistic objectivity and to level the playing field concerning the dissemination of information to the American people.

Polling data has revealed members of the American press vote Democratic at a rate of 85% or more.  This is not a ratio typical of America's citizenry, but rather summarizes the lack of political diversity allowed within the industry. The powers to be tend to promote those of like-mindedness rather than what is healthy for America or any democracy.

Therefore, journalistic objectivity became a virtual impossibility under such circumstances.  Using a graduating system of strategies, RFFM has had a substantial impact on the way news is presented in one of the largest markets in the United States.

Another goal of RFFM is eventually to see similar programs instituted in every large market in the nation.

In 1999, Republican's for Fair Media - Washington launched its endeavor to bring fair journalism to the Northwest region of the country.  R. L. Richter will head RFFM - Washington.

Our organization, using non-confrontational methods, abides by a singular motto - "Good government is dependent upon an informed citizenry."

There is much work to be done before the entire American press can be considered fair and balanced.  Organizations, such as Media Research Center and Accuracy in Media, Inc. have done a fine job dealing with this issue which effects each and every American.   However, RFFM has developed an entirely unique program designed to enhance the journalists product that has all too often, missed the mark in its charge to inform.   Politics take place locally and RFFM will be monitoring the local media.


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